Planning and Project Controls Services

Specialising in NEC3 Construction Tender Schedule Building & Assessment


Concise Planning Solutions provide Project Controls Services in two specific areas:
  • Pre-Contract Award.
  • Project Delivery Post-Contract Award.

In order to produce a compliant Programme to submit with your bid you need the right people, and if you don’t have those people available to you then you’re going to have to spend time writing the role specification, discussing the role with management, recruiting and inducting them into your business in advance of starting your bid. This takes time and costs money.  And then what if you don’t win the bid? You’ve wasted time and energy recruiting, and maybe increased your overhead also. 

Concise Planning Solutions enables you to have the very best solution; instantservice with zero mobilisation and no increase to your overhead.

Pre-award, we work with you to understand the scope of the Project you’re tendering for. Interactive planning sessions will be held to identify a ‘top down’ series of timescales and a suitable work-breakdown structure (WBS).  From here we will detail the bid schedule from the bottom up, reviewing the sequencing as we go, to ensure a fully logically linked schedule is produced with a true critical path (the longest route through the delivery timeline). Finally, a review meeting will be undertaken to present the critical path, the secondary critical path, and clear identification of areas of risk and opportunity to ensure that you bought into the schedule, that it ‘felt right’ and to ensure that any associated ‘threats’ (risks) have a suitable mitigation identified. Your bid schedule would be issued to you as a ‘PDF’ and an ‘XER’ (Primavera Planning format), for your tender submission. 

Post Contract-award, you can re-engage Concise Planning Solutions for as much or as little support as you need.


Concise Planning Solutions is a unique business positioned to assist your organisation when tendering for new or repeat business, for managing the delivery of an existing Project, or whether you simply want your tender to have a professional edge by supplying a delivery schedule as a supporting document.

Companies invest time and money into producing a bid which they feel is technically compliant, but fail to understand and manage the Programme Management element of the bid, often because they simply don’t have the resources, time, experience and skillsets to do so.

Worth a massive 25% of the evaluation, this is a large section of your bid which needs to be fully capitalised on, and Concise Planning Solutions will do that for you.

By helping you scope the project properly and understand the customer assurance process, we will produce a bid-schedule which conveys your understanding of the Project, how you will deliver it and most importantly, how you will hand it over to your customer once complete. With an expert knowledge of NEC3 Programme Management bid criteria, a schedule will be produced using Primavera P6 which meets all aspects of what your customer is looking for.

We have twenty years’ experience in the Nuclear, Ship-building, Submarine-building and Pharmaceutical industries and can mobilise quickly to support your Project
Controls needs.

We look forward to improving your tender.

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